Wednesday, April 18, 2007

posted by Andy @ 11:20 PM
Welcome to GreenBase - As we approach Earth Day (4/22) there is no better time to consider the impact we are having on the planet. JamBase believes in a future where live music can be celebrated without damaging the Earth. We believe that the power of music can help humanity make the transition to a sustainable future.

To this end, JamBase is launching, which will focus on the intersection of live music and climate change.

Welcome aboard!
In line with your new outlook and, there's a new book out by Crissy Trask called "It's Easy Being Green." It has great tips for those who are new to the green scene on ways to take small steps to make improvements for the future. I don't know if you will be featuring tips or sources for more information, but I figured I would send the idea your way.

Laugh, love, live,
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