Wednesday, June 27, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 1:13 AM
I love me some Al Gore (and John Crier for that matter), but things aren't looking too great for Live Earth, I'm trying to keep an open mind, but.....

Live Earth Not Getting So Good A Response (repost from

by Piers Fawkes in Ethical Consumerism, Music, Entertainment

Picture 13Charity gig Live Earth has had to be cancelled in one country and moved to a smaller venue in another. Johannesburg officials have found it hard to sell enough tickets for the July 7 event so it has downgraded to a venue of 18,000.

Meanwhile Istanbul’s Live Earth gig was cancelled when potential sponsors steered clear of the event in fear of protests. NME says:

Local business in Turkey are said to be reluctant to get involved with the event, fearing protests from environmental groups about pollution produced by their factories.

What do you think about Live Earth? Do you think they'll be able to pull it off? It's a great idea and stands to build awareness for lots of folks around the world, I just hope it works out.

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