Wednesday, October 24, 2007

posted by Jason @ 3:19 PM
Some quick notes from the green music scene:

  • As reported by Fox News (!) and The Daily Green, a group of musicians led by aging rockers Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, and Graham Nash are joining up to fight a federal loan guarantee provision for nuclear power that is messing up an otherwise decent energy bill. I'm neither here nor there on nuclear, preferring negawatts to megawatts, but the libertarian in me doesn't like big subsidies for big business. So rock on, Bonnie! To sign the petition and see a full list of artists against nuclear power, check out
  • Via EcoRazzi, Guster's Adam Gardner headlined a hearing on biofuels in our nation's illustrious capitol. Adam's pretty deeply involved in the green music biz--look for an interview with him in the coming weeks if I can wrangle one.
  • The Scotsman reports on a wind-up MP3 player. CNet has a good review, but at $350 for only 2gigs of storage, this one's not exactly going to fly off the shelves, but who knows, maybe Apple will be inspired to do it better.

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