Friday, April 20, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 11:41 AM
Can Andrew Bird do any wrong? In my eyes, the answer is "no". A friend of mine hipped me to his stuff only two weeks ago and looked positively shocked when I told her I had never heard of him. I like to start from the beginning, so immediately delved into Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs and settled into a beautiful landscape of smart lyrics and that reverie you feel when you are alone and the creative juices are flowing...and well, everything else just seems to fade away.....THEN, I read that Mr. Bird himself was embarking on a sustainable tour....needless to say, my little heart soared....biodiesel-powered bus, offsetting his emissions with carbon offsets from Native Energy, sustainable goodies from Stonyfield Farm at the merch table? Sweet Heavens! Be a part of Andrew's tour by checking out his concert dates on JamBase. Guess who will be in the front row of his show at the Fillmore with a bunch of organic posies?


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