Wednesday, August 22, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 2:36 PM

The 11th Hour comes out in most major cities this weekend. It's making has been a labor of love for Leonardo DiCaprio, a longtime champion of climate change mitigation. I plan to go see the film this weekend.

The reasons why I am particularly excited about this film:

1. The film focuses on action, from what I'm told, the bulk of the film clearly spelling out what individuals can do to confront the climate crisis. The website offers lots of follow-up tips and is clearly is easy to navigate through.

2. Warner Brothers has carried the environmental responsibility for this film, to its production at large. I went on the Warner Brothers website, ans saw something I've ever seen before: a real time metric that shows the output of their solar panels and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided to-date. I would love to see other companies follow suit with this on their websites or even in their lobbies--great idea!
© Warner Independent Pictures

3. The production design of the film and its corresponding website is environmentally responsible--see Dave's post on Blackle.

4. The theme music sounds like I am the Walrus slowed down. Love that jam.

Photo credit: Leonardo DiCaprio (wearing my favorite headphones)
© Warner Independent Pictures

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