Friday, August 17, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 12:59 AM
I remember watching the MTV Video Music Awards last year and hearing them announce that the environment was the top issue their viewers cared about and being really excited. In my opinion, they are doing a great job of building awareness through education about leading a more green life. So, it came as no surprise when I learned today that the next season of the Real World will take place in an eco-friendly house. The producers aim to reduce or completely neutralize emissions associated with producing the series through efficiency measures and carbon offsets.
I can only imagine what next season's testimonials will be like: "Matt really annoyed me because he didn't buy unbleached paper towels," or "Chris needs to stop drinking bottled water--doesn't he understand how wasteful that is?! I mean, WTF?!! What does he think, Fiji is right next store?!" I may be dating myself, but Puck and Pedro taught me a lot about being a good roommate-let's hope the new crop helps some people learn a thing or two.

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mtv is ridiculous. all of it. it's supposed to be music television, but there is more drama than anything on all of their channels. mtv is modling our teenagers into drama king and queens. that's all there is to it. americans cannot survive w/out drama. i just find it hard to believe that mtv cares anything at all about recommending green living. i'm thinking they're more interested in coming up w/ the next big reality show that will have teens all over american in front of the tube. screw tv. screw all of it.
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