Sunday, August 5, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 11:25 PM
Incubus joins the ranks of the real rock stars out there who are rocking the green tour. They partnered up with Music Matters for their latest concert series, the 2007 North American Light Grenades Tour. Among the green highlights of their tour: Incubus is riding in a biodiesel-powered bus from stop to stop on their tour and are offsetting the emissions associated with their touring with carbon offsets. The band is encouraging ramped up recycling measures at the venues where they play, and most impressive to me are the groupies they are bringing along with them….just kidding...sort of...their company on the road are representatives from Surfrider, Heal The Bay, Environmental Defense, Rock The Earth, Sierra Club, Ocean Conservancy and PIRGS to tell you how to green your life and support important environmental projects. Not to be missed is the sustainable merch stand complete with organic cotton, pesticide-free tee shirts and carbon offset stickers from Native Energy.

Check JamBase for the tour dates.

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