Friday, September 28, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 5:59 AM
This was so crazy, I had to share. The bidding is currently up to 610 smackers and there are still five days left.


by Christine Huang on PSFK

bid.jpg“Ever dreamt of being in a band? Now’s your chance!” says a Brooklyn-based Band-for-bid that is selling itself (literally) via eBay auction. The selling of unconventional items is not new to the eBay marketplace, but the group behind the “BUY A ROCK BAND! (you be the front-man)” auction is really offering the chance to make a wannabe rocker’s dream come true, if only briefly. In five days and some hours, the highest bidder will be entitled to:

-A photoshoot with the band done by a professional photographer

-One full day of rehearsal (minimum).

-A band listing with the winner as the frontman on

-One song written by the winner, with the band’s help, recorded at a professional studio.

- One gig with the winner as frontman…location, venue, and time, to be determined.

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