Thursday, September 27, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 2:23 PM
Mark Hurst, who just plain rules, has brought awesome innovations that make my life so much easier, has a great blog called "This is Broken" where people write in with designs or systems that aren't working. In the spirit of "This is Broken", I read about something that was fixed today. Boston got it together to put recycling bins in the Metro station so all those newspapers can escape the trash cans. Think about it, what are people carrying on the train? Paper coffee cups and newspaper--both of which can be recycled! Until now, I've only ever seen trash cans in mass transit stations, but please correct me if other cities are doing recycling in train stations, too.

Metro Boston, the free Boston newspaper was responsible for this innovation that will bring 200 recycling bins to various stations within the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s commuter system. Now, if they would only hold a workshops in the station on how to do the executive-on-the-subway-one-handed-fold-your-newspaper-into-quadrants-so-you-can-read-it-during-rush-hour-in in-the-six-inches-of-sqaure-space-I-have, I'd be stoked.

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The Metro (subway) in Washington, DC has newspaper recycling bins. Most people use them and it makes it so easy for everyone to recycle their newspapers. The bins have been there for at least 3 years. :) I'm glad Boston has new paper recycling containers in the subway.
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