Monday, November 19, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 2:51 PM
Well, that explains the slew of green announcements! In all seriousness, that figure really surprised me as I reside in San Francisco and have to check myself from time to time when I think that the whole country is as green-minded as my neighbors and I. I guess I don't have to check myself as much as I thought.

In an article from, Aveda's VP of Global Marketing " cited research showing eight of 10 Americans now believe that it is important to buy products from green companies. 'We’ve always talked about our environmental work to the trade, but now it’s time to start shouting it to a larger audience.'"

Aveda announced today a new initiative to green their already pretty green product lines. They will embark on a new campaign "Beauty is as Beauty Does" that will promote a different kind of greening practice the company has employed on a six week rotation.

The first order of greening is promoting Aveda's use of windpower-- a practice that has elevated then to become one of EPA's Green Power Partner Partnership Leadership Circle members (a mouthful--but an honor). Next up is packaging. Stay tuned--you'll see evidence of these initiatives through print media and in-store displays.

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