Sunday, November 18, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 4:13 PM
Those clever folks at Natural Resources Defense Council quietly launched a social networking sight called "It's Your" a few months ago. The site offers a smattering of concert information and ways to email and text message your friends and is geared toward a Gen-Y audience. I don't see the services offered to be enough of a draw for me to sign up for another social-networking site, but it does have some good basic information on the front pages that I will probably check out from time to time. In general, NRDC is a good source of information on environmental issues.

To encourage more participation, NRDC is stepping it up a notch and offering a drawing for a guitar signed by Tunstall to any fan who installs the It's Your Nature widget by November 26.

On a separate social networking tip, a new Facebook application called Greenbook allows users to offset the time they spend on the site with carbon offsets. They source their offsets from a company called 3Degrees Inc.--a company that without hesitation, I completely endorse to bring forth good quality offsets. Greenbook also provides confirmation documentation of each one of their purchases. Here is some information on Greenbook's process. It was enough for me to click "install"!

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