Friday, February 8, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 4:16 PM
If you're a regular reader, you know I love me some Kelley Stoltz. His newest album has been on almost constant rotation since I got my paws on it a few weeks ago.

Circular Sounds finds Stoltz still alone in his home recording studio, but this time hanging out with his Gretchs, Gibsons, and Ricki Ram more than the piano pictured on the cover of his critically acclaimed album, Below the Branches.

Stoltz furthered his commitment to the environment with his new album and again offset the electricity used to record it with help from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation and Green-e. He was the first to use that cute 'lil e to signify the fact that he bought certified renewable energy certificates to green the recording back in 2006.

Music often tells the story you don't have the guts to tell. On "Put My Troubles to Sleep", Circular Sounds tells the story of breaking up with your lover and rolling over to their side of the bed and finding them not there. "Morning Sun" revels in the moments early in the morning when the city around you is just waking up. "To Speak to the Girl" rounds off the batch by simply describing that "it's speak to the girl."

So if you find it hard to speak to the girl, let Circular Sounds speak for you. The jams will speak to you here.

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thanks sarah - glad you enjoyed the record, and thanks for help on getting the green-e certification.
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