Thursday, January 24, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 6:23 PM
The dudes from Call and Response told me about a tour van rental company in the Bay Area that rents vans with video gaming consoles built in--pretty great for those long drives across Wyoming after the scenery doesn't do it for you anymore. On a related note, BoingBoing, posted a solar-powered gaming device today that would be great to stick next to the window of your van and use to play video games or charge your phone or ipod. From the pictures, it looks a little like a Speak-n-Spell, but hopefully sounds better.

From BoingBoing:

"This knock-off "MP4 Player" not only plays music and video, it can emulate the NES and Game Boy Color. But even better, it can be recharged with built-in solar panels. That's right: you can play Faxanadu until the sun explodes.

It comes with 2GB of memory built in, which is plenty for NES and GB ROMs, although perhaps not music and movies, and can be expanded up to another 2GB with an SD card. Oh, and it's got a USB out to which other gadgets can be connected—not for data, but to be recharged from the solar panel."

Get it here.

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I want to give you big props on what you're doing. The arts are one of the key places where we can fight for the environment. I am going to be hosting an environmental screenplay competition in my hometown soon, and I'm really excited. Keep up the great writing, and maybe our work will cross paths one day.
Global warming is really a treat for everyone. If oil price lower, everything will be cheaper ..then ppl are more affordable for solar energy shelter. Cost is the biggest concern.

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