Thursday, January 10, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 2:52 PM

As JamBase reported, Jose Gonzalez's next tour will be green! The Sweedish popster, who I learned about from his soft as cashmere cover of the Knife's anthemic Heartbeats, will soften the blow of the carbon footprint associated with his upcoming tour.

Jose's record label, Mute, announced: "Jose Gonzalez' Green Tour of North America in the partnership with Reverb, a non-profit organization designed to educate and engage music fansand promote environmental sustainability. They work closely with artists to create earth-friendly events and tours. As part of the greening of Gonzalez' upcoming tour, his rider will include biodegradable catering products, and a reduction of plastic water bottles will be facilitated by providing his crew with re-usable water bottles to carry throughout the tour. In addition, Gonzalez and Reverb will calculate the CO2 footprint of the tour and neutralize emissions from venue energy use, ground transportation, flights and hotel accommodations by supporting clean renewable energy projects.

There will be a 50 cent add on to general ticket purchases that will support Reverb's greening efforts. Pre-sale ticket purchasers via will also have the option to add an additional 50 cents to Native Energy's CO2 Offset program. At the shows, fans will have the opportunity to purchase a custom Jose Gonzalez sticker, the money from which will be used to purchase carbon offsets generated from travel to/from the show."

Photo by Fredrik Egerstrand

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