Wednesday, December 26, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 11:41 PM
As you formulate your New Year's resolutions, I hope ridding yourself of plastic bags--or really, plastic OR paper bags will make your short list. If you need any more convincing, read this article. To entice you to consider this very important resolution, feast your eyes on the Baggu! I joyfully received three of these lovlies from my boyfriend's parents, and I am in love.

These little darlings will give you absolutely no excuse to answer the question, "Paper or plastic?" in 2008. As you can see, they fold up neatly into small pouches that fit in your purse, back pocket, or glove box with ease. They fold out to provide you a generous shopping bag that's machine washable (in cold water, of course), hip, and durable. They are also nylon so you can silkscreen on them--making the Baggu a great option for merch. Start 2008 off right here. This could be you:

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Nice bag!
Very convenient invention.
while I applaud the use of re-usable cloth bags, I do have to point out that these are made from coal based synthetic nylon!!! (argh!!!) these bags are not biodegradable at all! so you can reuse them until they start to wear out--BUT then how do you dispose of them---since nylon does not rot?

I prefer re-usable boidegradable cotton or hemp bags. When you use a nylon bag --you are just encouraging coal mining--is this good for the environment?
To bring enough bags to the grocery store to take over the job
currently being done by our old friends paper and plastic, the new
bags have to be lightweight, compact, strong and easy
to use, also affordable enough so that the average shopper can buy a
few. We spent months researching fabrics, ripstop nylons - were the
best functional choice. For similar reasons - performance and
durability, on ships, nylon sails have replaced cotton ones; tents
are no longer made from canvas but from lightweight ripstop materials.

We get e-mail from customers everyday telling us that they actually use Baggu bag because of it's appeal, it's convenient compact size and strength, when they may have found larger cotton totes impractical. Because cotton is not as strong as nylon, a much heavier weight fabric has to be used to carry the same weight load. This is why people don't keep cotton totes folded up in their purse - they wouldn't fit.

We know that nylon is not the most outwardly "green" material, but we
believe that the end result, the number of disposable bags replaced by one reusable bag that is used regularly speaks volumes. We encourage our customers to return their bags to us for recycling when their useful lives have ended, by giving them a $1 credit. I believe the "greenness" of a material is not something inherent in the material itself, but a factor of how it is used and disposed of.

Also - although the impact of making a Baggu is greater than one
plastic bag - it its lifetime Baggu replaces thousands of plastic bags
- making a net positive gain.
I ordered 3 (red, black, fuchsia) and they arrived today! Thanks for introducing them to me. I posted about this on my blog and linked to your post and the Baggu site.
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