Friday, December 7, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 1:33 PM
Well it looks like the Carnabetian army marches to a new green tune. The street in London prowled by many swinging sixties stars started a new Christmas tradition this year that employs some pretty cool energy efficiency measures. Treehugger broke the news today:

Carnaby Street Wins on Christmas Decorations

by Bonnie Alter, London on 12. 7.07

carnaby.jpg It's a tradition, of sorts: every year in mid-November, C-list celebrities, always women, are enlisted to turn on the Christmas lights festooning major streets. Very tacky, and environmentally wasteful. So hurray for Carnaby Street, that funny little left-over from London's Swinging Sixties. This season they have covered the walking streets with festive paper chains in bright, irridescent colours.

It's an inventive alternative to energy consuming lights, and they didn't even have a super-model to "turn them on". The paper chain design will make use of the store lights in the shops at night and will interact with the holographic finish of the Christmas decorations, therefore using no extra electricity for the display. By using a highly reflective material and extremely bright colours, the oversized ‘paper chains’ will react to sunlight too, so that removes the use of electricity during daylight hours altogether. A great-looking idea on all counts. ::

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Great ideas and discussion points! I'm interested to read more on your blog and find out how we as humans can preserve our beautiful planet in many more ways.
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Today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Nice blog!
What a nice festival
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This is such an inventive idea; I never would have thought that paper could be used to save energy. I did, however, find brief article about how Europe is aiming to go "green" with its paper.
It is very interesting to me how conscious our world has started to become about preserving our environment. Though I feel that it should have been started about ten years ago, it is amazing how we are coming up with things everyday that hurt our world less. This is just a way to show how "green: things can still be pretty!
This is a beautiful idea. I remember creating a three storie long paper chain for a community house I lived in. It was amazing and beautiful. I love homemade decorations. All those aweful blowup lawn decorations are so wasteful and ugly. Yeah you for writing about this.
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Now that's inventive! Using reflected light to create huge, shining paper chains. With health and safety determined to ban such obvious dangers outright, they've managed to be green, traditional and just a bit controversial into the bargain. Have a green Christmas, everyone!
I like the energy efficient transition in holiday decor! The chains are quite colorful and festive. I guess I just wonder how many trees it took to make the chains? At least we can plant more trees...Love your blog!
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