Saturday, December 1, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 6:16 PM
Earlier this week, The New York Times covered a new fad taking root in Richmond Hill, Queens. Teenagers are modifying bikes to rival cars with booming sound systems. Young men of Guyanese and Trinidadian decent are building these contraptions to look similar to what they've seen in their home countries. They say they are better than cars because, "you don't have to roll down the window." They have an even smaller environmental footprint than a Prius, and a WAY better sound system.

Unfortunately, the sound system doesn't run on pedal-power, it runs on car batteries. Maybe that will make the next round of designs.

I've been quoted saying that I believe the greening of the music industry will have reached critical mass heights when I see a wide-spread greening of the hip hop movement (a movement characterized by luxury and excessive levels of consumption). Less Escalades and more Teslas, less bling and more understanding of the human rights issues surrounding diamond excavation.... In the meantime, maybe these bikes are a good first step?

Photo credit: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times /// Click here to see more pictures

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Maybe it sounds creative. Imagine riding around with all those sounds, boom, boom and many more booms.
My suggestion would be to reduce the size and lower the noise from suct contraption. To go around on a bike will your speaker at full blast is, the least, rude. It is noise pollution.
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it acutally sounds cool~ too bad i don't see any innovative things where i live!
crazy ass bike
itis probably very hard to pedal that bike with all of that weight added.
i thinks its an awesome idea. good for him
he is true to what he lives by
who knows, it may just be the next big thing:)
Wouldn't want to ride one of those things in a high wind
What happens on rainy days??
Haha. That is really awesome. Go green!
I'm not sure about this, I think these guys are just making themselves easy targets of road rage.

Chelle B.

The Offended Blogger
i like this site.

Interesting post!

Anyway... modern-day hiphop is characterized by superficiality, but it started with some very modest beginnings.

ATWKS Online
Too much noise, I agree with abangxxx. You want to hear the music wear headphones.
i think that you are so creative and i really like this site beacuse well i imagine riding around with those booms. this is cool only that they dont have that here were i live.
I agree with abangxxx. It's rude. Why assume that everyone wants to listen to your noise?
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