Wednesday, December 5, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 2:17 AM
I stumbled upon this cool little light fixture on and thought it was perfect for GreenBasers.

Basically, it works just like a solar-powered garden light, but sits inside on your windowsill. Perfect for cold winter nights and a great substitute for those plug-in electric candles people put in their windows this time of year.

Awhile back we reported on another cool inside solar device to brighten up your life.

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That's gorgeous, in so many ways!
Thanks Good Post ;)

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I love that light-Please look at some of the things I have been doing for years to lessen the footprint-any comments are welcome.
Enjoy the site. The light is wonderfully warm and inviting. I do international development work, often with solar energy. See
I don't think the idea of tapping sunlight and then emitting it again at night is a new idea, but this makes it look so much more interesting. How could you fail to be intrigued by the mystery hiding behind the glass? I love it!
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