Friday, April 18, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 10:07 PM

Coachella is next weekend! This year, the festival teamed up with Global Inheritence to green the concert series. Wanna win free VIP tickets to Coachella for life?!

From the website:

Here's how.....

Simply write the word CARPOOLCHELLA on a 8x11 piece of paper (or larger - feel free to GET CREATIVE - TELL THE WORLD YOU ARE GOING CARPOOLCHELLA) OR you can PRINT THIS CARPOOLCHELLA pdf and place on your Dash and arrive at the festival between 9am-5pm. One time each day of the festival days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), a SECRET SPOTTER will be out in the parking lots watching you park. At some random time, a random car with 4 or more people with a CARPOOLCHELLA sign on their dash will win! Each (qualified) person in the car will win a VIP pass for Life starting 2009.

The SECRET SPOTTER will let you know you've won and have you fill out all the prize winning paperwork on the spot!

*please read official rules here.

No, I am not the SECRET SPOTTER, so there is no point in buttering me up with comments!
In fact, unfortunately, Jason and I won't be there, but we'd love to hear how Coachella did with their greening initiatives. For those that are going, here's what they are planning.

Send us pictures or Flickr links of the green and not so green at Coachella and we'll post them!

Send the pics and links to green (at) jambase (dot) com.

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