Monday, April 7, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 1:15 AM
Oh my! After a tumultuous go in England, the Olympic torch will make it's way through Europe and onto it's only US stop in (((San Francisco))) next week. Are you kidding me?!

After a tremendous amount of backlash from human rights experts across the globe, why would you bring the symbol of the "Genocide Olympics"(see post below for more on that) to a town in which, my relatives joke, "people only make left turns"?! Massive protests are being planned in San Francisco (and worldwide) to show solidarity for the people harmed by China's policies.

The protests have gained momentum, but so has a really interesting divestiture initiative.

Here's a post we did back in October that talks more about the controversy and the cool things the London planners are doing in preparation for the 2012 games.

It looks like carbon neutrality has truly reached international heights. The London Olympic Games announced their plan to green the event, AND its predominant symbol: the Olympic torch! Says a spokesperson for the the London 2012 Olympics (posted on Environmental Graffiti):

“We want London 2012 to be a truly sustainable Games. Using a low-carbon fuel to light the Olympic flame and keep it burning throughout the Games is one of the many things we are looking at right now to deliver a ‘green games’.”

“The Olympic games and Paralympic games have the power to set agendas, and change behaviour, and applying sustainability principles to one of the most potent symbols of the Games will, we hope, help us do just that.”

The 2012 London Games will also employ many other green measures that stand to drastically reduce the environmental impact of the event. See here for more information.

Most currently, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have not been without controversy. Deemed the "Genocide Olympics" by advocates for peace in Darfur, the clip below explains China's link to the terrible violence plaguing Darfur:

While the time line between now and the next Olympics is short, we can only hope that advocates for peace in Darfur can use the Olympic Games publicity as leverage to convince China to change their policies. This issue, and more the more positive, proactive approach taken by London Olympics organizers, shows the an amazing transformation within our culture. No longer do events report only their intrinsic functions, but they serve as a platform to mobilize millions of people on an international level to change behaviors and bring about a more humane, sustainable world.

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How do you like the ALTERNATE route?! UGH. I'm incensed. I support peaceful protest against China's human rights abuses, but I disagree with using force, which includes messing with the torch or torch bearer.
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