Wednesday, June 25, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 12:21 AM
When I saw this picture--I salivated--may have been because I missed breakfast, or I was thinking about some grilled hallumi, or I was excited that my BBQ guilt will soon go down a notch. Check this out--a BBQ pack that 's better for the environment AND easier for you to clean up--who says caring is hard?!

Check it out, lighter fluid (crazy chemicals--holla!) is gross-and you injest it every time you eat BBQ. And, no, the ighter fluid isn't what makes it taste so good. In this design, the coals are housed compactly in the Firepack, the device uses them more efficiently and regulates the amount you need--so you don't overpour. Apparently, you just light the bottom of the pack made from 100% recycled paper and presto--in 15 minutes you have a roaring bbq.

By now, I bet you want one, so here, dear readers, is where you get one.

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