Monday, August 11, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 10:27 PM
Fast Company (a publication that fills me with joy every time I find it nestled in my mailbox) did a nice little piece on the most successful greening agents in the music biz. Among the featured were Jack Johnson, Peter Shapiro of Green Apple Music Festival, Adam Garner and Lauren Sullivan of Reverb, Sarah Haynes of Spitfire, and John Esposito of WEA.

I liked the piece because it showed greenings that were happening all across the music industry--not just on the festival circuit--and I learned some new information. From Jack Johnson donating proceeds to non-profits, John Esposito saving millions by doing his homework on sustainable packaging, or the duo behind Reverb taking the guesswork out of green touring--the greening of the music industry's come a long way since we started out a year and a half ago.

Check out snippets of the piece and a killer slideshow here.

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