Monday, April 23, 2007

posted by Kassie Rohrbach @ 3:24 PM

The winners of MTV's Break the Addiction Challenge will be honored on MTV's TRL today @ 3:30. The grand prize winners are Cornell University and Rutgers Unversity.

All of the finalists and winners of BTA are part of the Campus Climate Challenge, a campaign of over 30 organizations uniting young people to organize on college campuses and high schools to win 100% Clean Energy policies at their schools.

What makes Cornell and Rutger's worthy of the grand prize? Students at Cornell University gathered enough signatures to make their campus carbon neutral, passed the vote for a clean-energy fee, and organized "Feel the Heat," a week of campus events to raise environmental awareness and call students to action. Rutgers University is already taking steps to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and is also busy getting the word out -- through a dorm competition, screenings of "An Inconvenient Truth," and inviting keynote speakers like Congressman Frank Pallone to address the student body.
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