Friday, April 20, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 12:09 PM
Earth Day is upon us and chances are, wherever you are, there is a cool event shaping up. My Earth Day event pick is happening in Big Sur, CA at the Henry Miller Library on Sunday from 11am-7pm. The (((folkYeah))) concert series has done it again and put together a bill of some of the best and brightest acts in the Bay Area. Some of my personal favorites are appearing:

Hiss Golden Messenger - the new all-star band with members from the Mother Hips and the Court and Spark.

Citay - their song, Shalom Of Safed is intoxicating.

Rubies -a new project from talented songstress, Simone Rubi of Call and Response.

Andy Cabic -from Vetiver will DJ

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?
I just wanted to say that I think this site is awesome! For whatever reasons, there is a huge crossover between eco-conscious people and fans of good music. Maybe its about appreciating things larger than the scope of your daily life? Anyway, having both together will make more people recognize the legitimacy and urgency of climate change, and that can only help make this world a more beautiful place.
This Shalom of Safed song is awesome! Definitely on the Devandra tip, but still its own thing alltogether.

For those that have never been to the Henry Miller library, it is a pilgramage worth making.
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