Monday, May 26, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 2:35 PM
LOHAS, an organization that focuses on how businesses and individuals are paving the future for healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyles, put out a report this week with a very interesting finding: consumers actually care about certification seals on products.

I wasn't surprised to see that the front runner was Energy Star pointing to the fact that consumers are taking the life-cycle of the product into account before buying it. The popularity of the recycled logo points to this trend as well. The results caused me to ponder whether these consumer choices have to do with saving the environment, saving money, or both....particularly interesting because we are sitting in a recession right now. Who says the recession doesn't have some positive side effects?

And, while tap water doesn't carry a certification seal when it comes out of the tap, some municipalities are putting a ration on how much water they will allow to certain households in order to force conservation on their customers. The East Bay Municipal Utility District, for example, is asking single-family homes to cut back on their water supply as much as 19%. They list several saving water tips on their website.

Awhile back, thought leaders discussed what it would take for a critical mass to actually take action to curb their own consumption and take responsibility for their own contributions to global climate change--consensus was that the risks of climate change would have to begin to impact daily life.....a water ration seems like a good place to start...

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