Wednesday, August 13, 2008

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 11:45 PM
Within their quest to design and sell "affordable solutions for better living," Ikea announced this week that they will begin to sell solar panels in their stores in the near future in an effort to democratize renewable energy technologies. No word yet on whether the panels will be renter friendly, but the furniture giant plans to invest about $77 Million in renewable energy startups in order to get the solar panel supply chain up and running so the panels will retail at a low cost to Ikea customers.

In the near term, not quite as sexy, but important, Ikea has pledged to get rid of plastic bags at the checkout line. If you're interested in what else Ikea is doing to promote sustainability, read Grist's interview with Ikea's

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Do you think the solar panels will fit into those giants blue bags that you have to buy from Ikea?
Maybe--it would be great if they unfolded so they could ship them more efficiently and that they could fit easily into passenger cars.
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