Tuesday, April 24, 2007

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by Worldchanging Los Angeles local blogger, GreenLAGirl

Article PhotoA new solution to Los Angeles' e-waste problem comes from a surprising source: Amoeba Music.

This gigantic music store recently introduced "The Big Green Box" at its Hollywood location. Customers can drop off their old and broken electronic gadgets into this box, instead of sending the unwanted junk to the landfills. Amoeba proudly announced this latest addition to the store in its latest email newsletter:

According to the U.S.E.P.A., (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) computers and electronic goods are the fastest growing waste stream in the U.S. accounting for approximately 220 million pounds of waste per year. So gather up your expired batteries, old cell phones, Walkmans and pagers and bring them to us, we'll make sure they are properly recycled!

Considering the fact that city facilities accepting e-waste are open only during limited days and hours, Amoeba's Big Green Box will come in especially handy for would-be recyclers -- and will introduce the idea of safely disposing of e-waste to music lovers who previously hadn't given it a second thought.

Amoeba's turning out to be a huge independent music store with a green heart. Of course, Amoeba's core business -- buying and selling music -- could be called eco-friendly in its own right. Unlike chain stores like Virgin and Tower, Amoeba buys and resells used CDs, LPs, and DVDs. Not only is Amoeba thriving at a time when many brick-and-mortar music stores are closing up shop, the indie store also allows these CDs and LPs to escape the landfill by finding them new owners.

Recently, Amoeba stepped up its eco-efforts, because according to its website, "with the current state of our environment we felt it necessary to take on a larger, more global focus." This campaign includes Amoeba's "Think Green: 10 Steps for a Greener Tomorrow" educational effort, which encourages individual consumers to take personal action. The store even sells CFL bulbs alongside its CDs.

In addition, Amoeba has ramped up its involvement with environmental organizations. In addition to donating some of its profits to the Rainforest Action Network -- which Amoeba has been doing since it opened its Berkely store in 1990 -- the music store is now also working with the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter and Conservation International.

So the next time you drop by Amoeba Music to sell or buy some new-used music, remember to take your dead batteries and broken toaster with you. Amoeba's open for green business Mon. - Sat. from 10:30 am. - 11 pm, and Sun. from 11 am - 9 pm.

Update from GreenBase: The Big Green Box is now available at Amoeba's San Francisco and Berkeley locations. More information on this effort and Amoeba's new biodegradable plastic bags can be found here.

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