Tuesday, May 1, 2007

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According to the Bonnaroo website, there are 44 days and 13 hours left before the first sounds of Bonnaroo echo across the Manchester, Tennesee festival grounds. While many festivals will offer advice on being a sustainable festival goer, Bonnaroo is taking it one step further and has partnered with the likes of Grist, Stopglobalwarming.org, NRDC, and Rock the Earth to deliver a sustainable event and a call to action to its concert goers.

From the Bonnaroo website:

The future of our planet is a big deal for Bonnaroo - and it should be for you, too. We need all of our fans at Bonnaroo to help counteract global warming and the devastation of our environment through conservation; reduced and sustainable living; and the preservation of our natural resources, wildlife, and biodiversity. And the only way to do this is to get the word out there and find both big and small solutions we can implement in our everyday lives. It's the toughest challenge of our generation, but we have a chance to make the difference. All we need is leadership, and we look to our Bonnaroo community to provide it.

In this section, we’ll provide greening tips to help you get started, and we'll spotlight our Green Partners, who are educating the world and doing so much for our environment. You’ll learn about all of the green initiatives that Bonnaroo will be implementing to reduce our own impact. In June, we'll be able to translate these ideas into reality on-site at Planet Roo, where we will feature host speakers and activists presenting essential information about these critical issues. So fight the good fight and join us as we strive to make Bonnaroo the greenest - and greatest - festival on earth.

Nice! The last time I went to a music festival, there were composting toilets with bunches of lavender on the doors, recycling bins galore, bicycle-powered smoothie stands and roped off protected areas on the beach where native birds nested. What's the best sustainable practice you've seen at a festival?

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I work for Clean Vibes and we love Bonnaroo! It is one of the biggest festivals we participate in and is a great chance to educate fans of all ages and backgrouds. Last year you guys recycled more material than ever and we thank you. Just emember to pay attention to the tips provided in your ticket packet and posted on the website. And if you shop at Walmart before the show, leave all your cardboard boxe and styrofoam at the store. Unpacking your good will reduce the amount of waste left after the show and the amount of stuf you have to lug into the festival. And as always, cans are preferred over glass bottles! So have a great time this year, cause there is more great music and activities than ever. Just remeber to be conscious, pack light, and leave no trace!
Clean Vibes
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