Friday, May 4, 2007

posted by Sarah Krasley @ 5:55 PM

Tragically, the Fillmore Andrew Bird show was sold out by the time I caught wind of it, but my friend went and said it was magical. Amidst Bird's live versions of his album songs, he talked about his carbon neutral tour and sold offsets to fans at the merch table. My friend bought one to offset the emissions associated with her car travel to and from the event.

Apparently, Mr. Bird's song "Dear Dirty" was inspired by a letter he found laying on the ground about cavemen and their hunting practices. Mr. Bird paralleled cavemen activities to modern-day human activities and their contributions to global climate change. Just to give a shout-out to conceptual unity and empowerment to fans through pleasant experience, I thought I'd share the image on the left with you all. This is the flier that my friend received in conjunction with her offset purchase.

This awesome outreach effort was done through a partnership between Mr. Bird, Native Energy, Stonyfield Farms and Reverb. Check out how you can get involved as a fan and as a band.

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